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    1. Message from the Team

    2. Daily Access Link via Zoom

    1. 3:30pm - Solution-Driven Leaders by Dr Tim Lautzenheiser

    2. 4.15pm - Functions of An Effective Student Leadership Team by Frank Troyka

    3. 5pm - Bonding and Team Building- Strategies for a More Cohesive Arts Group (Panel Discussion)

    4. 6pm - Band: Presentation on 'Factors contributing to a successful band programme' by Low Geok Pin

    5. 6pm- Breakout for String Ensemble: 'Student Leadership - How to Guide and Support your juniors?

    6. 6pm- Breakout Discussion Chinese Orchestra: Concert Planning 'What's my Conductor thinking about?' by Moses Gay

    7. Last, but not least... Read this.

    8. Day 1 (2 Sep) - Letter to Dr. Tim

    9. Day 1 (2 Sep) - Reflection on Bonding and Team Building- Strategies for a More Cohesive Arts Group

    10. Day 1 (2 Sep) - Knowledge Check

    11. Day 1 (2 Sep): I Have Questions!

    1. 9.15am: Types of Followers and Transforming Bystanders by Frank Troyka

    2. 10am: Sectionals Goal-Setting: Efficient and Effective Sectionals by Frank Troyka

    3. 11am: Levels of Maturity of a Student Leader by Dr Tim Lautzenheiser

    4. 12.30pm: Recruitment On and Offline: Ideas for an Effective Recruitment Drive for the Digital Natives by Derek Lim

    5. 1.30pm: Breakout Discussion Recruitment Strategies Breakout Project Work

    6. 2.15pm: LIVE STREAMING Panel Discussion 1 Arts Leaders In The New Normal - Sharing by student leaders from Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan & Thailand

    7. Day 2 (3 Sep) - Letter to Dr. Tim

    8. Day 2 (3 Sep): Knowledge Check

    9. Day 2 (3 Sep): I Have Questions!

    10. Day 2 (3 Sep) - Assignment: Transforming bystanders by creating a movement

    11. Day 2 (3 Sep) - Assignment: Thinking About our New Members

    1. 9am: Approaching and Engaging your New Section Members by Gavilan Neo & Yeo JIe Yuan

    2. 10am: LIVE STREAMING: Something To Think by Dr Tim Lautzenheiser

    3. 10.45am: Sharing of Best Practices by NUS CFA Students Leaders & Ignatius Wang (Breakout Discussion)

    4. 12.30pm: (Y)ears of Listening and Creating by Benjamin Yeo

    5. 1.30pm: Recording & Technology: 'Basic Practices for Home Recording" by Matthias Oh

    6. 2.15pm LIVE STREAMING Panel Discussion 2 Dialogue with Arts Leaders: Music and the Arts in the New Normal by Mr. Terence Ho & Assoc. Prof. Chan Tze Law

    7. Day 3 (4 Sep): Assignment: for Student Conductor only

    8. Day 3 (4 Sep): Reflection on what you have learned today

    9. Day 3 (4 Sep): Knowledge Check

    10. Leadership Style Survey (Post-Conference)

    11. Congrats! You're almost done!

    12. Before you go... YALC 2021 LIVE Feedback

    13. YALC Feedback survey (students)

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